My local art shop does an awesome charity event every year called the 6 by 6 show. Artists sign up, receive a 6 inch by 6 inch canvas, turn it into art, and then turn it back in. Visitors bid on pieces, and the money goes to different charities.

I hadn’t done hot glue in awhile, so I decided to experiment with doing lots of texture work. I also wanted to try doing the hot glue first, then doing layers of tissue paper and modpodge, then painting the top.

The first thing I discovered was that I had completely forgotten how much fine detail I could manage with a glue gun – which is unfortunately not enough for what I was trying to do here. (I’m hoping to find a work-around for this in the future.) So I decided to fill in some of the failed details and just create a nice base of raised outlines from which to do something similar to what I had in mind.

Instead of the small repeating triangles, I tried doing longer ‘finger’ shapes, totally exaggerated. With the red and orange color scheme I had worked out, the hairs ended up looking a bit like flames shooting out in all directions. I added in black lines to outline everything, and wasn’t too happy with the result. Then I decided to add white dot patterns, to go with a mix between fireworks and a festival parade with lit up floats. The piece came together after that.

There is a second 6 by 6 show, so I’m busy thinking of what I should do for this one. I’m thinking of something simpler, and making shapes ahead of time to attach to the canvas, then covering it with material again.


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Artist and helper with a lot of interests. Trying to get some projects started and sustained.
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