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Artist and helper with a lot of interests. Trying to get some projects started and sustained.

Line of Action is back online!

I’ve moved the scanner to a more convenient location, but haven’t had the chance or energy to scan more art. (will do so very shortly!) But I wanted to take a moment to celebrate that Line of Action, a website … Continue reading

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My local art shop does an awesome charity event every year called the 6 by 6 show. Artists sign up, receive a 6 inch by 6 inch canvas, turn it into art, and then turn it back in. Visitors bid … Continue reading

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Abstract texture on concrete figures

I’ve been curious for a long time if I could mix what I love about Celtic and abstract art into more representative stuff. I have had mixed success before, but I feel like these two drawings above really worked out … Continue reading

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Overstimulated Cat

I enjoy doing abstract art. Lately I have been experimenting with doing less abstract stuff, but filling it in with textures. As someone with aphantasia (a lack of a visual imagination), I often find that a textures or shapes are … Continue reading

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Art Studies – October/November 2017

I’ve been making art. Awesome! But I haven’t been scanning it. Not awesome! So I sifted through what I thought was worth sharing, scanned all that, cropped it, etc. Today I’m sharing my practice and what I’ve been learning. Sometime … Continue reading

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Updates and changes and all that

It’s always fun to be, “Time to update my blog with updates about when I will start blogging again,” and to see previous attempts at saying, “I’m really gonna do it this time!” Well, I’m really gonna do it this … Continue reading

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Changing things up

I’ve just finished up with moving, and have been scarce. Now that I finally have some time to sit down and write, I’ve realized that I want a more cohesive plan. This blog should resume regular service by next week.

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