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Artist and helper with a lot of interests. Trying to get some projects started and sustained.

Changing things up

I’ve just finished up with moving, and have been scarce. Now that I finally have some time to sit down and write, I’ve realized that I want a more cohesive plan. This blog should resume regular service by next week. … Continue reading

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Down this path

Uncertainty is awful when it’s about very important things. It’s hard not to know what’s going to happen when the potential results are monumental. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going together – along with everyone who agrees … Continue reading

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Anxiety soaked instances of power

When you’re in a powerless situation, it can feel so good to fantasize about suddenly gaining the ability to fix it. Imagine telling off the boss about not giving you enough hours, or the bank about unyielding policues and fees. … Continue reading

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People don’t always change for the better. If you’ve known someone a long time (or thought you knew them), it can be jarring to see them act in ways you never expected them to act. And if their views suddenly … Continue reading

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You & The Brick Wall

Everything feels like a big slog through the muck right now. It feels like that because it is a big slog through the muck. It isn’t fair when you’re dealing with a brick wall that refuses to bend or change in … Continue reading

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Preparing for an art show: A brief note about iOrnament

I have an art show coming up in August at the Black Drop Coffeehouse in Bellingham. I’m super excited – but with a move coming up, I’ve been worried about finding the time to finish all my pieces. I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Rest day: 2 minutes of peaceful waves

No one can promise you that it will all be okay. But we can share our gifts with others, and we can take moments of peace where we can get them. Here is a souvenir I got for you last … Continue reading

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