Play day

Today I decided to take some good advice from the podcast Minority Korner, and set aside some time to just play. I’m typing this while swinging on a swingset, even. 

I started out on this trail. It goes from downtown to a small beach area. I rarely make it out to the beach since I am so busy – but I have been wanting to make beach trips a habit, so I figured a play day is a great excuse to start.

When I first saw these ferns after moving to the Pacific Northwest, I was amazed at how much they made this place seem like a land for prehistoric critters. I’ve since learned they are called sword ferns, and that they could be plucked and used as bedding if I were so inclined.
I believe this might be a raspberry plant. We have raspberries and blackberries all over the place. (And we export them, along with hops and salmon. So chances are if you have bought those at a store, they came from the great PNW.)

I made it to the beach & found a spot among the rocks. Took my socks off and dealt with the sharp pointy bits of shell and rock. The beaches here are lovely, but hard on feet. 

I took a pic of seaweed for posterity, and found a tiny oasis in a rock.

I skipped taking a picture of these beautiful purple bells at first, but didn’t feel like passing them up a second time.

Then I paused here, and that’s where the adventure ends.

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